Applications leading to settlement £1200.00 + VAT
PBS Application £800.00 + VAT
EEA Application £600.00 + VAT
Appeals to FIRST TIER TRIBUNAL £1500.00 + VAT
Permission to Appeal £1500.00 + VAT
Judicial Review £3000.00 + VAT


Wills £150.00 + VAT
Mirror Will £250.00 + VAT
Will Storage £50.00 + VAT

We do charge hourly rate for Civil, Family, Landlord & Tenant matters. However, it may differ according to individual circumstances

You can check the solicitors’ guideline hourly rates below:
These are fixed fees for the mentioned services, and it will change according to different situations. Clients should be aware that the above-mentioned fees does not include Court fees, Barrister fees etc which might be essential for the application process or any other disbursements that are payable to third party.