About Us

In our long history of helping people and businesses, we’ve accumulated a 98% of positive verdicts rate, which beats any of our local competitor’s margins by double digits...

Wise Legal is a leading law firm in England & Wales that builds one to one relationship with all our clients.

We are authorised and regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

Wise Legal Solicitors is firmly established as one of the UK’s leading law firms. Based in London and Northampton we deals with all kinds of immigration matters, family law, commercial lease, landlord and tenants, civil litigations, wills & probate and employment disputes.

Our senior lawyers are all leaders in their field. Wise Legal is consistently works closely with every client to get the expected outcome. We have a formidable reputation for our proactive approach in deals with complex matters on our specialised fields by researching and referring on past as well as present matching scenarios to find the possibility to win the cases.

We are known for our creative and dynamic attitude to problem solving offering a tailored approach to every case. The majority of the work we undertake is privately funded, although we undertake publicly funded cases in appropriate circumstances

Wise Legal lawyers are qualified ,friendly lawyers who can help you with all your needs and requirements from personal to business legal issues.

Our Team

Jayin Poovar Veetil

SRA Roll Number - 492580

Solicitor | Director | COLP & COFA
Specialized in immigration, landlord & tenant, Family law

Arun Earnest Dcruz

SRA Roll Number - 543255

Solicitor | Director
Specialized in immigration, landlord & tenant, wills & probate

Dilip Kumar Raveendran

SRA Roll Number - 517685

Consultant Solicitor
Specialized in immigration, wills & probate

Lata Sharma

SRA Roll Number - 343629

Consultant Solicitor
Specialized in immigration